d.o.b 26.01.1984

2003 Central Saint Martins, (BA Hons Product Design), London.

2004-2006 UDK, Berlin. ‘SOUND OF MATERIAL’ Under direction of Prof. Masayo Ave.

2006-7 ‘Haptic Interface Design’, UDK, Berlin.

2006 Exhibition: ‘SOUND OF MATERIAL’, Berlin 2004/5at : Einsteinfer 43-53, 10587 Berlin, Germany.

2006 PRIMAVERA AD ARTE: Curator and music production for ‘techno-textile’ fashion show in collaboration with Masayo Ave.at : fattoadarte Via Manzoni, 15 Monza, Italy.

2006 Model maker for landscape architect: Antonio Perrazi. Collaborative work based in Milan.

2006 'TERRE DES HOMMES' Installation for Sartoria Bassani, Milano.www.sartoriabassani.com/ vetrina.htm

2006 ‘MAKE-DO IT HAPTIC’ as part of ‘SOUND OF MATERIAL’ Berlin.

2006 Design of 'TERRE DES HOMMES' Designed by Tom Duggan + Masayo Ave MasayoAve creation new collection Milano. Exhibited in Milano, Napoli, Berlin, Bergamo.

2006 Exhibition 'NAPOLI TASTEN', Tom Duggan and MasayoAve Creation.‘Conversations of Japanese Design’at: ANIAI Campania Via S. Carlo, 16, Napoli, Italy.

2006 Exhibition 'HAPTIC DICTIONARY vol.1'‘SOUND OF MATERIAL’Designing a new language for design. International collaboration based at: Universtat der Kunste Berlin (UdK) Berlin, Germany.

2006 Exhibition 'SOUND OF MATERIAL'Nuoro, Sardinia. Workshop with Arnout Visser, Thomas Duggan and Masayo Ave.At : Casa Papandrea, Nuoro.Information: bottegartemetalli.www.bottegartemetalli.com

2006 Exhibition ‘I LIVE TOMORROW’ Shown in Paris. at : Le_Pôle / Extrapôle - Espace Landowski, Franceavenue André-Morizet - 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt.(An exhibition showcasing design for the future).http://abeaurepa.chez-alice.fr/entrepont.php

2006 Exhibition ‘SOUND OF MATERIAL’Assistant to Professor to Masayo Ave.At: Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn, Estonia.

2006 Exhibition ‘DI SEGNO ARTIGIANATO’(‘of mark craftsmanship’)International collaboration at: Superstudio, Via Tortona, 27, Milano, Italy. www.superstudiogroup.com/zona.php

2006 Stage and prop design for Oily Cart theatre company. London.

2006-7 Set, installation design and build for the production of 'Immortal 2007' directed by Firenza Guidi in collaboration with NOFITSTATE circus. Shown at the Roundhouse theatre, London with European tour.

2007-2010 Residency at 'SHUNT', London.

2008 Curator of 'The Continuity Of Space' at the SHUNT Vaults, London. A gathering of philosophers, poets, artists and architects. Directed by Thomas Duggan.

2008 Installation ‘Robot’. Design and build of a purpose built robot describing a continuously changing line. Durational, 6 Hours.

2008 Installation ‘The Ribbons’, 16 Satin ribbons transforming the internal architecture of the Shunt Vaults. 900m of white satin ribbon pulled at 16cm/minute within and between the arches. Durational, 6 hours.

2008 Installation ‘Nano Structure’. Sculpture fusing metal to describe the complexities of organic micro-structures.

2008-2009 ‘I Wonder Sometimes Who I Am’ Design and build in collaboration with Tom Lyall, & Mischa Twitchin.Studio 65, Shunt Lounge and Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

2008 Sculpture 'The Whale' design and build. Exhibited at SHUNT Vaults, London in Collaboration with PS1.

2009 Installation 'Brizo'. One hour durational. Exhibited at 176 Gallery, London. Commissioned by Lail & Ron Arad.

2009 Installation 'Brizo' Exhibited Shunt Vaults theatre company, London.

2009 Installation 'Moving Light. Water vapour and pure white argon light. Exhibited London.

2009 ‘Space within Spaces’ commissioned by Gemma Brockis, site-specific installation, design and build.

2009 Stage design and build for ‘Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ music video 'Heads Will Role'.

2009 Design build and operation: 'Bruno Walter's Last Concert'. In collaboration with Mischa Twitchin + Edinburgh Fringe.

2009 Stage Design +Project Manager ‘The Nutcracker’, directed by Gísli Örn Garðarsson. Devised in Belarus with the National Ballet Theatre of Belarus and produced in Seoul, Korea.

2009 Design for ‘Faust’ directed by Gísli Örn Garðarsson. Produced by Vesturport and Reykjavík City Theatre, Iceland. Music by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis.

2009 ‘Hansel and Gretel’ Kneehigh Theatre. ‘Front of House Design Team’ and personal site specific installation commissioned by Bristol Old Vic Theatre.

2010 ‘A Walled Forest’ Sculpture commissioned by Tom Morris of the Bristol Old Vic Theatre and interior design on levels one and two of the theatre.

2010 3D Fractal Forest exhibited at ‘Everyman Theatre’, Liverpool. Site specific installation commission by Liverpool 'Everyman Theatre'.

2010 Battersea Arts Center stage and prop design under direction of Emma Rice.

2010 Designer for FOH ‘The Asylum’. Produced by Kneehigh Theatre.

2010 Stage design and build for ‘King of Prussia’ Produced by Kneehigh Theatre.

2010 Stage design and build for ‘Blast’ written by Carl Grose.

2010 Actor/Himself and co-writer in short film ‘My Friend’ directed by Jakob Rørvik Premiered at SXSW.

2011 Rebuilding classic yacht and hydro-powered workshop.

2011 'Cape Farewell' 2011 Scottish Islands Expedition 

2012 Yagriti Yatr, India. Sponsored by The British Council +TATA Steel.

2013 'Motorshow' Set Construction + Touring Stage Manager.

2013 Eden Project Commission 'Silk Seed' Exhibited at The Eden Project.

2014 R + D Silk based prototyping for clients (undisclosed). TUFTS / MIT Boston, USA.

2015 Consultant 'The Observatory - Look In Look Out' architectural commission SPUDD.

2015 Art Direction / Build 'Prepping the body for space' alongside Lucy McRae, exhibited at London Design Festival + Mini Frontiers.

2015 Consultant Designer on Björks Retrospective, in collaboration with MoMA, NY and Autodesk.

2015 DNA Reverse Engineered Silk Jewellery + artefacts exhibited at the V&A, London.

2015 'A World Without Words' Curator alongside Lotje Sodderland and Steve Fowler. Somerset House, London

2016 Design and making of bespoke structural Joinery for the new 'Pavilion' at Tredudwell Manor, Cornwall.

2016 Shortlist for the new Dulwich Picture Gallery 'Pavilion' in collaboration with London Festival of Architecture & FCBS, London.

2017 Hayward Gallery FCBS commission for a Sir Peter Cook curated exhibition in collaboration with the London Festival of Architecture

2017 Commission for the HPSG based on an Aerogel in collaboration with TUFTS and Lathams Timber

2017 'Mayakovsky' sculptural set design for the Rich Mix Theatre, London 

2017 Collaboration with Cambridge University Department of Chemistry specialising in Structural Colour

2017 Nomination for the 'Wolf Prize' a $100,000 awarded to Artists and Scientists to Promote Science And Art For The Benefit Of Mankind